There’s nothing that compares with the experience of when you first decide to buy a house. When I decided on buying a house with my wife, it had not even been a dream of mine before. It was simply something that I’d never thought of before, something that I perhaps should have thought about, but had never occurred to me. You see, owning a house is such a classic American dream that you never even think about it until you really have it made. I was married to a beautiful woman and trying to buy a house in the Atlanta. I definitely had it made.

There should be a mandatory nationwide system of rating homes based on their energy performance.


Nonetheless, buying a house was no picnic. Although we found several houses that we really liked, none of them quite worked for us. We wanted the first house that we bought to be complete. When we were buying a house, we were also buying a home. We didn’t want to buy a house that was a so-called fixer upper. We wanted something that was well made, well maintained, and spacious enough for our needs. The problem is that it costs a lot of money to buy a house like that.

If you have ever tried to buy houses, you know what I mean. It is hard not to be torn in two directions when you first decide to buy a house. On the one hand, you want to get as spacious and beautiful a place as you can. You might even consider some of the old, decaying mansions that you see around the edge of town. After all, you can get them for so much less than they would be worth in their prime. On the other hand, you want to buy a house that is good now. You don’t want to have to deal with leakage, mold problems, structural integrity problems, and all of the other myriad issues that old houses run into. You want to buy a house, in short, that is ready made.

When we finally bought a house, We ended up compromising somewhat. You see, it made no sense to buy a house that was brand-new. In the first place, they were ugly and not well made. Although they would have a long life ahead of them owing to the fact that they had just been built, it looked like they would have problems almost immediately. We decided to buy a house that was built around the 1950s. It was stable, well made, and well within our price range.