Apartment For Rent

Finding apartments for rent is not always difficult but once you find your dream living quarters, there are often many obstacles to face before making the big move. Many landlords require much more information than they did years ago when accepting applications from possible tenants. These tenants are often turned away because of a number […]

Rental Property

A couple of years ago my parents bought a second home in a little town about an hour’s drive northeast of Toronto, Ontario. They already own a nice big house on a river with a gorgeous lot, big trees and great neighbors. However, they bought the second house to be used as a rental property […]

Oakland Real Estate

I think buying some Oakland real estate is probably a wise investment. There are a lot of positive signs that the Oakland economy is starting to finally come around a little. While I think its going to continue its slow and steady growth for awhile longer, I suspect that in the near future Oakland is […]

Real Estate License

Global  Real Estate License School Software  market is a new report published by Research Trades in an effort to reveal not only the prominent but also the equally essential underlying aspects of this industry. Source: https://monroescoop.com/uncategorized/121158/latest-innovation-in-real-estate-license-school-software-market-2019-2025-future-strategies-and-current-trends-by-leading-key-players-real-estate-expressvaneddream-town-realtyaceable/ Recently my brother and my sister-in-law moved to North Carolina. My brother was having a hard time finding a job […]

Real Estate Listings

My son and his wife are entering the stage of there life where they are going to be homeowners. They have been married for three years and have been saving their money and building their credit rating so they can afford a home of their own. They have been living a very frugal life, not […]

Buy A House

There’s nothing that compares with the experience of when you first decide to buy a house. When I decided on buying a house with my wife, it had not even been a dream of mine before. It was simply something that I’d never thought of before, something that I perhaps should have thought about, but […]

Collections Agents

In the debt collection industry, collectors are a company’s front-line offense and defense. They bring in revenue and are the first point of contact for debtors. The higher the productivity of your agents, the higher the income of your company. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesfinancecouncil/2019/12/26/how-automation-can-improve-debt-collection/#7b1f752a52af If you have ever been seriously late in paying a bill you may […]

Home Improvement Loan

So, you are thinking of fixing up the house a bit. Maybe repaint or put on a new roof, or even add that extra room you have been talking about for years. With home values good and property moving in the market well, now might be a good time to consider home improvement, maybe even […]

Rent Increase

An unexpected rent increase can break the bank for someone living on a fixed income. Yet in today’s economy, a rent increase can be as commonplace an occurrence as the rising costs of gasoline and electricity. If most utilities such as heating and electricity are included in your monthly rent, the rising costs of those […]