To combat tenants rights groups, many landlords join the association of landlords which gives them information about their rights to kick out people for violating agreement, or because they would like to turn their low cost housing into more upscale housing that is more profitable, and so must first evict the people who have lived there, sometimes for generations. An association of landlords will provide the landlord with all kinds of assistance, while in general, tenants get little assistance from anywhere, so for a landlord, this is a decisive advantage. For example, landlords can get credit checks, forms, free legal advice, and other such services from highly paid professionals by joining an association of landlords, while in general, tenants can at most hope for the help of a free legal clinic with inexpert volunteer staff open at irregular hours.

Property investing can be a great long-term investment. For the most part, landlording can be an easy and enjoyable process if you use the proper tools, screen applicants to find the best tenants and are educated about the rental market.


In recent years, the rights of renters have recently increased greatly. It is much more difficult for landlords to evict people from their homes than ever before, and they are required to give more notice and actually have some kind of just cause to do it. An association of landlords will fight these new developments by lobbying congress to roll back the rights of renters. It may turn out to be the same story as always – the big businesses get to influence the legislature to rewrite the laws because they have money.

An association of landlords will tell landlords what their rights are, but also what their obligations are, which sometimes can be good for both sides. If they are required to give notice before inspecting the premises, or are not legally allowed to enter the house without permission of the tenants, as in most states, the landlord will be informed by the association of landlords, so that they don’t make that mistake and get sued. This can save everyone from a big legal hassle, and save the tenant from having their privacy violated by a landlord unaware of the restrictions placed on his movements. An association of landlords may also, if it is more reputable, fight against slum lords and substandard landlords, which make all landlords look dirty to the outside observer.

In truth, there are a number of landlords in this country who do charge fair rates and maintain their properties safely and adequately to ensure the health and happiness of tenants, and their association should represent them, and make clear that they don’t stand for the other kinds of landlord, the kind we have all experienced at one point in our life or another.