Home Improvement Loan

So, you are thinking of fixing up the house a bit. Maybe repaint or put on a new roof, or even add that extra room you have been talking about for years. With home values good and property moving in the market well, now might be a good time to consider home improvement, maybe even […]

Rent Increase

An unexpected rent increase can break the bank for someone living on a fixed income. Yet in today‚Äôs economy, a rent increase can be as commonplace an occurrence as the rising costs of gasoline and electricity. If most utilities such as heating and electricity are included in your monthly rent, the rising costs of those […]

Association Of Landlords

To combat tenants rights groups, many landlords join the association of landlords which gives them information about their rights to kick out people for violating agreement, or because they would like to turn their low cost housing into more upscale housing that is more profitable, and so must first evict the people who have lived […]